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6/25/20233 min read

We live our life with very busy schedule of work activities. Each one us tries to get some income for their daily living so that we can live well. Some of us are engaged in business, some work in Govt Services, Some in Private services, some have small shops, some are freelancers, some are self-employed and some are having business as street vendors. Almighty has created this world in such a way that each one needs a house to live. Some may need a big house, some need small while some share the accommodation with others as per the level of income. Over all basic necessities lies in getting an house. In the metro cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, New Delhi or some class A cities like Bhubaneswar, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chandigarh etc, people pay more in rent. Some even get a good salary and maintain the balance in the Banks or invest in some other products such as shares, mutual funds, Insurance Policies etc to get a return.

The most important facts to note that many people in these cities pay handsome amount towards house rent which constitute a large portion of their salary. The hard-earned money when goes in rent payment, it pains a lot.

If they have their own accommodation or the company provided the accommodation, they need guidance to get their own home which they can get without getting into much difficulties.

On the other hand, those persons deployed their additional funds in deposits, shares, mutual funds etc get reasonable returns, they never though of other avenues of investments.

Has anyone ever thought what prevents to get then their own home? What is this?
Two very important factors works in this. One is "Time" and other one is "Lack of Guidance".

We at LoanDrishti give value both to your most valuable time and also try to provide you right guidance keeping an approach of complete care for your hard-earned money which otherwise you pay towards rent or low-return investments. No body gets a single rupee without working hard. You work hard for you and give a good life to your family members. We are committed to give true value to your hard earned money so that your family can have get maximum out of that. We will provide most valuable guidance for getting your own home by the way of Home Loan or getting a home from your investments.

We also understand that you have so many questions. You need real answers, over your telephone, we are here. You have funds with you but it is falling short for getting a house, we are here. You have no fault, but you are unable to proof to a banker that I deserve to get a loan, we are here. CIBIL got blown down due to no fault of yours or due to some genuine constraints, we are here. Even if you browsed hundreds of websites, but you did not get the answer. Trust us, LoanDrishti is here to help you with the expertise.On the other hand, you have enough eligibility, funds everything but you do not have a clue which financial institution/bank will be able to offer the loan with minimum rate of interest, processing charges, low prepayment lock-out period, easy-to-approach for hassle free processing and a friendly team who can listen you and provide right kind of advice, we are here.

Sanction of a loan from a Bank is not an easy process. You have all documents but unable to present as you are unable to understand the Banker's requirement or you do not have time to go to the Bank for each step, the entire onus lies on us. We will help you to guide you, collect documents from you as per the Bank's requirement and make sure that the documents meet the criteria of the Banks to get a loan without any trouble given to you. Sanctioning from them is our responsibility.

Not even we stop here, we will go ahead and co-ordinate with them to make the disbursement to the builder/seller. We will also ensure the trouble free process of deposit of title-deeds with the Bankers and getting a List of Documents from them. Whenever you need in future to get an interest certificate or loan account statement we will cordite with them. Why we do this? because we need a long lasting relationship.

Today you got the loan, but you need an explanation how to make the repayment faster and pay less interest with minimum adjustment in the repayment structure, we will guide you how to make the repayment of a 30 years loan in 20, 15 even in 10 years without any stringent adjustment to your repaying capacity. These are very simple but it is not known to you. Team LoanDrishti will be with you at each step. Trust us once. We will standing strong by side to you.

Often it happens, after disbursement the bankers become little lethargic providing services after the deal is closed. Even if we put our best efforts, you are not satisfied with the Banker's service or the cost of the products such as High Rate of Interest or Poor Response, we will be with you even try to lift you from the troublesome banker without any trouble and additional cost to you. Trust us once.

Trust Team LoanDrishti. We commit to fulfil our promises and we will definitely do it.